Stop losing long term impact on your leadership development training programs

We believe in our one-on-one accreditation workshop. We guarantee you’ll be able to measure and develop Transformational Leadership after the course or you get your money back.

Here’s what you’ll gain in this one-on-one MLQ Accreditation Course:

How to coach leadership development programs that unlock transformational behaviours. We’ll show you how you can help your organisation achieve extraordinary outcomes and bottom-line results.

Say goodbye to leadership team and employee hesitations. Include 35+ years of science and evidence into your training programs.

How to eliminate ineffective feedback. Our trainer will show you how you can interpret and give effective feedback on a full MLQ360+ report, adding more impact to your training program.

The truth about leadership frameworks. Discover and coach leadership behaviours that align people with purpose.

Get the tools you need to run effective leadership programs. You’ll have access to our ongoing research, diagnostics, and analytics support from our dedicated team of Organisational Psychologists.

Join Your Presenter

Austin Chu
General Manager, MLQplus

Austin is an endorsed Organisational Psychologist experienced in measuring and developing Transformational Leadership behaviour and impact.

He has assessed more than 3,000 leaders across every business level and size and provides guidance to leadership coaches and HR practitioners on Transformational Leadership development.

Workshop Structure

The online workshop will have 2 parts:

Part I

A 3-hour one-on-one online session covering the research, theory, and applications of Transformational Leadership.

Part II

The second part will require you to complete a MLQ360 project and will involve a 1-hour debriefing and interpretation session.