MLQ Enterprise

Uncover the people drivers of purpose, performance, and profit across your organisation

Insights from the MLQEnterprise analytics support strategic development and people investment by identifying core behavioural drivers of performance,  uncovering key development areas, and modelling anticipated return on training and development.

Deep insight into the direct impact of leadership behaviour on engagement and bottom line metrics across different departments, business units, geographic locations, staff demographics, or customer demographics.
A comprehensive Transformational Leadership capability and impact profile of every leader across the organisation based on direct rater feedback, including Transactional Leadership and Derailers
Data driven insights into leadership development areas and modelling on anticipated return on training and development
Understanding of the leadership and engagement drivers of performance, absenteeism, turnover, or other available HR performance metrics

What’s included in the standard MLQEnterprise+ report?

Full engagement survey co-development, administration, and reporting for up to 1,000 employees
Overall engagement survey results and leadership profile across the organisation
Direct feedback on leadership impact on productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction
Comprehensive breakdown of results for up to 6 different departments
Predictive analytics to identify trends and return on people investments
Summary of strengths, blind spots, and areas for development for each department
An ability to re-measure and track behavioural change, engagement scores, and leadership impact over time