MLQ 360

Unleash your Transformational Leadership strength and potential through practical evidence-based insights from those you lead.

The MLQ360 report identifies 32 specific Transformational Leadership behaviours that drive productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction in the workplace.

What Leaders Gain

Direct feedback and insights from up to 24 people across 4 different rater categories
A comprehensive report on Transformational capability, including Transactional Leadership, Derailers, and industry benchmarking
Deep insight into the direct impact of leadership behaviour on productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction
Understanding of Transformational strengths and practical insights to build leadership capability
Practical, actionable, and evidence-based insights to get the most out of coaching or training

What’s included in the
MLQ360+ report?

Overall comparison of self-versus rater feedback across all Transformational Leadership factors
Detailed breakdown of scores across all rater groups
Direct feedback on leadership impact on productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction
National and industry benchmarking
Summary of strengths, blind spots, and areas for development
An ability to re-measure and track behavioural change and leadership impact over time

The Research and Evidence

The MLQ360 is backed by 35+ years of international R&D. 

It is proven to be a strong predictor of leadership performance across a broad range of organisations, cultures, and contexts. Validated by over 600 published studies and meta-analyses, the MLQ360 is guaranteed to reliably highlight leadership strength to realise leadership potential.

“Uncover your Transformational Leadership strength and potential to achieve extraordinary outcomes.”