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After the survey closes, Measured Leadership Qualities (MLQplus) will collate all the data and conduct quantitative analysis to look for underlying trends and drivers of leadership development . All your feedback will be confidential and de-identified for all reporting purposes. 

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Leveraging evidence-based evaluation to support your organisation improve your experience at work. 

Analytics and Evaluation

Using the world’s most researched and validated leadership framework to measure Transformational Leadership and drivers of engagement.


Quantitative analysis completed by Organisational Psychologists to identify, measure, and report key themes and predictive trends. 

About Transformational Leadership 

Transformational Leadership is the world’s most researched and proven leadership style for achieving extraordinary engagement outcomes. Backed by over 5000 published research studies, Transformational Leaders have been found to:

Levage Trust and Integrity to inspire purpose, performance, and innovation.
Create better workplaces through increased staff satisfaction, engagement, and commitment

The world’s most researched and published framework to achieve extraordinary engagement outcomes