Leadership Assessment

Evidence and behaviour-based assessments that help leaders, teams, and organisations achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

We Measure Transformational Leadership 

Transformational leaders align people with purpose to achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

Since its introduction, Transformational Leadership has attracted over 35 years of continuous independent research around the world with over 1 million leadership assessments published in 5000+ research studies.  


Measured leadership Qualities (MLQ) assessments combines 35+ years of rigorous scientific evidence into practical behaviour-based tools and insights to helps leaders:

Build and Leverage Trust
Lead with integrity and earn deep respect from stakeholders
Inspire purpose
Coach and unleash the potential in others
Encourage innovation and challenge the status quo

MLQ360 Leadership Assessment

Discover your Transformational Leadership strength, potential, and impact by inviting your colleagues or customers to share their insights

The MLQ360 leadership assessment provides a simple and structured way to collect practical, insightful, and actionable feedback to build Transformational Leadership capability. 

“Measured Leadership Qualities (MLQ) leadership assessment tools deliver practical insights into the scientifically proven behaviours that achieve greater productivity, engagement, and wellbeing.”