MLQ Accreditation Course

Unleash your potential to achieve:

MLQ Accreditation Workshop

One-on-one online session

Presenter: Austin Chu

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A live one-on-one accreditation course that teaches you how to measure and develop Transformational Leadership to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

By the end of the MLQ accreditation course, you will be equipped with everything you need to know to administer the MLQ360 diagnostics and to:

Coach and develop the Transformational Behaviours proven to achieve extraordinary outcomes and bottom line results
Facilitate leadership development programs
Include 35+ years of science and evidence into your practice
Access ongoing research, diagnostics, and analytics support from our dedicated team of Organisational Psychologists

“Only 30% of leadership ability can be attributed to inherited traits such as intelligence, the other 70% can be developed.”

Professor Avolio, Director of the Gallup Leadership Institute, Washington, USA