Unleash your potential to achieve:

MLQ combines 35+ years of independent research 

Published in over 5000+ top tier scientific articles to unleash the Transformational Leadership potential in every individual. 

Achieve Extraordinary Results from Transformational Leadership

Build Trust

Lead With Integrity

Inspire Purpose

Encourage Innovation

Coach People


Stronger business performance and bottom line results
Greater productivity, effectiveness, and satisfaction in the workplace
Stronger team diversity and related outcomes
Reduced absenteeism and turnover
Stronger corporate social responsibility practices, behaviours, and business performance

Since its introduction, Transformational leadership has become the world’s most researched model to understand leadership impact. 

Transformational Leadership has attracted over 35 years of continuous independent research around the world with 5000+ research publications. 

Higher well-being and mental health
Greater commitment and success with Transformational Change
Greater entrepreneurism and performance
Reduced safety incidences and costs
Greater innovation and creativity

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